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Monday, February 28, 2011

Third one?

Hi alls...

All this while I was planning that I will only have two kids...but then god showed me that he has other plans for I'm expecting my third second baby has just turned six months...n here I am 6 weeks preggy...I am still breastfeeding my son..n actually thats y I never realised I was preggy...coz, my period tak datang for the last 4-5 months...N suddenly last monday, rasa nak muntah n pening2...without hesistation terus gi klinik n scan...n terkejut sangat2 when the doc said I'm pregnant..Me n hubby were really down after we get to know abt it....but then now me n hubby happy nak dapat 1 more..but I'm so damn sure it gonna be a tiring journey throughout the pregnancy n after delivery...Bila fikir balik...I think only 4 of us in the family would be very boring, 5 would be merrier..:)...But definitely this time this would be out last production...:P

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A short entry..:P

Hi alls...


Been busy n lots of unexpected events took place that made me not wanting to post anything. I dunno been quite emo lately. But I'll take it as dugaan Allah s.w.t. and accept the facts.:)...I've started to live n like it...Alhamdulillah...