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Friday, August 27, 2010

Birth Story

hi alls..

Nak share experience about my delivery process. Memang sangat menyakitkan n memenatkan. Bila fikir balik, ya allah, tak mahu mengharungi pengalaman itu sekali lagi.

20th August 2010
Memang tension sangat time nie coz takde tanda2 langsung. Langsung takde mood nak buat apa2, nak tengok tv pun takde mood. Bila cakap dengan hubby, duk complain je dgn dia. Asking him when is his son planning to come out. Moody betul ler. After cakap dengan hubby, baca novel coz takleh nak tidur, selalunya online time tue, tapi macam takde mood.

21st August 2010
Started to feel contractions. Every 15-20 minutes once. And also kerap visit toilet. But tak confident coz ingatkan as usual braxton hicks. Call hubby suruh dia datang esok even though time tue langsung tak fikir akan bersalin on that day. Hubby actually memang nak datang after habis kerja, dia nak bagi surprise. Ada gak bagi tau hubby yang rasa sakit2 tapi rasa2nya braxton hicks je.

Sakit dalam 10 minutes once...From 12.30 am duk jalan-jalan dalam bilik. Coz sakit n coz ppl say that masa contraction its good to walk, boleh cepatkan proses bersalin. Then masa pergi toilet ada keluar lendir with darah sikit. Then baru confident that this is the real contraction. Turun bawah nak bangunkan my mom, but masa tengah turun je, my mom bangun dengan sendirinya sambil tanya wats wrong. Then told her, so, dia pun buatkan some ubat, dia kata kalau minum ubat tue, if real contraction, u will continuously feel the pain, if not sakit akan hilang. Ubat tue actually air rebusan jintan putih. After minum, sakit every 7 minutes pulak.

Sakit every 5 minutes, asyik pergi toilet je, so, I naik atas balik coz dont want to disturb my dad n daughter yg tidur kat bawah, actually my dad tak tidur pun, dia baring2 je, tapi kesian pulak. My mom pun ikut naik atas, but then start sakit 3 minutes once n everytime pergi toilet ada lendir with blood. So my mom pun sediakan makanan untuk sahur for my family.

Call hubby n told him sakit n ada bloody show. He pun terus mandi n makan sahur n bertolak dari terengganu.

4.00 am
My mom pun bangunkan my brother n sister n dad n they had sahur. Meantime my mom buatkan air teh + telur mentah, 2 times pulak tue, susah benar nak telan, nak termuntah, but my mom forced me to drink.

After everyone bersahur and kemas semua, me, my mom, dad n bro pergi TMC. Tak sampai 3 minutes from home dah sampai. My sis n daughter tinggal kat rumah coz princess tidur lagi time tue. Midwife check n cakap baru buka 2 cm, lambat lagi. Buat ctg, contractions memang amat kuat.

After ctg, i berjalan-jalan dalam delivery suite, memang sangat menyakitkan. Every 1 hour buat ctg, after buat i ask them to open, lagi sakit kalau baring2, i prefer berjalan-jalan dalam delivery suite tue.

Dr. Noor Fidak pun sampai, dia tengok ctg, baby's heart beat ok, contraction pun kuat, she is happy, then check bukaan cervix, baru 2-3cm. She said maybe another 4-5 hours. Ya, allah, ingatkan atleast 4cm dah buka.

10 am
Hubby pun sampai. Suppose to arrive earlier, but then dia tidur kat few places coz mengantuk. Time nie pun contraction masih kuat. Tengah fikir nak ambil epidural atau tak, or just take pentadine.

12 am
Midwife check bukaan n baru 4 cm. My mother in law pun datang hospital, but couldnt meet them coz only my mom n hubby boleh masuk dalam delivery suite. My dad, sis, bro, daughter, mother in law n hubby's aunt semua tunggu luar. At this time, memang tak larat sangat nak tahan sakit contraction. Then I decided nak ambil epidural. Told my doc, doc pun panggil anesthetist. Before that doc pecahkan air ketumban.

After ambil epidural, alhamdulillah, dah tak sakit but still can feel the pressure when there is contraction. Time ambil epidural, air ketumban lagi banyak keluar, habis lantai basah. But then lepas tue of coz takleh nak berjalan dah. Just baring2 je coz kaki numb, tak rasa apa2 except for the pressure.

Baby's heart rate started to turun naik pulak. Sekejap turun sekejap naik. Nurse pun selalu keluar masuk bilik untuk monitor. doc pun sama. Me n my mom memang sentiasa berdoa n berzikir. I since start contraction malam tue sampai bersalin memang duk berzikir n baca ayat kursi. After that I pasang surah yasin kat hp. Then alhamdulillah, baby's heart beat started to pick up. But at times masa contraction high sangat, dia akan turun then naik. Doc gave time till 5pm, kalau tak lahir by then, have to czer.

Bukaan dah 8cm, but baby's head still not in the right position.

Bukaan dah 10cm, that after doc dah stretchkan. Then starts the pushing process. Push-push sampai hilang tenaga, but baby's head stuck, tak mahu keluar. I even suggested to doc suruh guna forcep. But then doc kata takleh coz baby's head is high. Doc bagi final timing until 7pm. If baby tak keluar by then, no choice but to czer. I dah start rasa sakit kat pinggang balik, my drip epidural pon dah habis, then I asked them to tambah lagi satu dose.

6.30 pm
My mom dah tak sanggup tengok I suffer, she keluar from the delivery suite, then hubby temankan I pulak. He really supported me. The midwife n nurses n doc really support me, helped me alot during the pushing moments.

Alhamdulillah, my prince pun lahir secara normal with episiotamy. After dibersihkan, hubby pun azankan baby. Then doc start jahit. Lama gak, nearly half an hour. Gosh it was a long n painful experience.

Malam tue tinggal kat single room dengan hubby. My mom semua balik coz have to prepare sahur. Then pagi tue my bro hantar sahur for my hubby.

22nd August 2o1o
Semua saudara mara datang visit kat hospital. Then around 5pm discharge from the hospital.

Syukur sangat kat Allah swt, eventhough I suffered alot but akhirnya dapat bersalin normal n alhamdulillah my boy is safe n healthy. Now memang busy sangat2. No time to be online. This birth story nie pun punya ler lama nak habis type. Berapa kali gap buat kerja lain before sambung. Nie pun dah seringkas yang boleh.

Insyaallah will update later.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

my newborn's pic

Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby Boy


Hi alls, Alhamdulillah I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on 21st August 2010 at 6.59pm. It was a normal delivery @ Tropicana Medical Centre. Baby's weight is 3.19kg. Insyaallah will upload baby's photo and birth story later when I had time. Thanks for all your doa's frenz.

Friday, August 20, 2010

39 weeks n 6 days

hi alls..

i am still here waiting for my baby to pop out...Being cranky today, maybe because I am stressed as to when my baby will come usual on and off contractions. I just hope that the baby will be out soon, insyaallah..Feel like snapping at everyone around me, but still sabar lagi. Also felt like crying, but then i tried not to..but at last cried when i was praying. crying to god is much better kan..every single moment i am expecting either my water bag will break or will be having bloody show. 

I am also not answering calls from my frenz n relatives. I just feel so stressed to talk to anyone. Tired of answering to them that I am still at home without any signs of labor. But just now had quite a lot of mucus plug but been having it since last week. If the mucus is with blood, then i guess there is something to expect, but to no avail. 

ok ler..insyallah will update soon. Tomorrow will be my 40th week appointment n lets see wat the doc got to say...Everyone plz pray for me ok..i really hope i could deliver as soon as possible without any complications and its a normal delivery n of coz my baby is fine and healthy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Duck & The Devil

hi alls..

Something to share...

There was a little boy visiting his grandparents on their farm. He was given a slingshot to play with, out in the woods. He practiced in the woods, but he could never hit the target. Getting a little discouraged, he headed back for dinner.

As he was walking back he saw Grandma's pet duck. Just out of impulse, he let the slingshot fly, hit the duck square in the head and killed it. He was shocked and grieved! In a panic, he hid the dead duck in the wood pile, only to see his sister watching!
Fatima had seen it all, but she said nothing. After lunch the next day Grandma said, 'Fatima, let's wash the dishes.' But Fatima said, 'Grandma, Ahmed told me he wanted to help in the kitchen.' Then she whispered to him, 'Remember the duck?' So Ahmed did the dishes.
Later that day, Grandpa asked if the children wanted to go fishing and Grandma said, 'I'm sorry but I need Fatima to help make supper.'

Fatima just smiled and said, 'Well, that's all right because Ahmed told me he wanted to help.' She whispered again, 'Remember the duck?' So Fatima went fishing and Ahmed stayed to help.

 After several days of Ahmed doing both his chores and Fatima's, he finally couldn't stand it any longer.

 He came to Grandma and confessed that he had killed the duck. Grandma knelt down, gave him a hug and said, 'Sweetheart, I know. You see, I was standing at the window and I saw the whole thing, but because I love you, I forgave you. I was just wondering how long you would let Fatima make a slave of you.'

 Thought for the day and every day thereafter?

Whatever is in your past, whatever you have done... and the devil keeps throwing it up in your face (lying, cheating, debt, fear, bad habits, hatred, anger, bitterness, etc.)...whatever it is...You need to know that Allah was standing at the window and He saw the whole thing. He has seen your whole life. He wants you to know that He loves you and that you are forgiven.
He's just wondering how long you will let the devil make a slave of you.

The great thing about Allah is that when you ask for forgiveness, He not only forgives you, but He forgets. It is by Allah's grace and mercy that we are saved.

 Go ahead and make a difference in someone's life today. Share this with a friend and always remember: Allah is at the window!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

help pls

hi alls...

nak minta tolong sikit kat kawan2 yg membaca blog saya nie..saya ada prob sikit dgn blog nie..tak tahu macam mana nak selesaikan prob nie...problemnye ialah...takde sesiapapun yang boleh comment kat entry saya..even saya pun tak leh nak comment...tak tahu macam mana nak selesaikan prob nie...dah try tukar setting n sebagainya tapi tak boleh...boleh tak kawan2 tolong saya..sesiapa yang tahu caranya boleh tak emailkan cara nak settle prob add saya ialah ye frenz...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


hi alls...

hari nie pergi checkup kat tmc...39 weeks n 3 days already...last appointemnet doc kata this week kena buat ctg..then tunggu ler utk buat ctg...b4 that check berat, bp and urine...everything was ok..berat pun turun 800gm...and then buat ctg...check baby's heart rate n contraction...heart beat baby ok, contraction pun dah kerap even though not very strong...after that baru jumpa doc..doc pun happy coz dah ada contraction, then she said nak check cervix, tapi nak scan dulu...bila scan shocked to c baby's head keluar balik dari birth canal..awat ler mcm tue...nak nangis pun tak jadi nak check cervix. Hmm...doc suruh dtg balik next tuesday, but i said i'll come on my due date, this saturday. Ada gak tanya doc takleh induce ke, she said she dont want to take risk coz first baby dulu kena czer. so its not advisable. ya allah, dugaan apa ler nie...i seriously want the baby out soon...sekarang nie pun rasa sakit contraction  time dok type nie. tapi baby macam main2 kesiankan ler mommy nie..tak larat sungguh dibulan puasa nie..Tapi Alhamdulillah dah masuk hari ke-7 berpuasa, masih tak tinggal...but now must seriously walk, walk n walk n climb the stairs more frequently...ya allah, permudahkanlah segala-galanya.. frenz..semua doakan saya ye...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hi alls..


Hari nie dah masuk hari ke-6 kita berpuasa kan...cepat betul masa berlalu...saya pun dah 39 weeks, 2 days preggy. Masih sabar menanti, bilakah aku akan bersalin?(sabar ke?..asyik complain je dgn mak).  Baby kurang bergerak hari nie...tue yang rasa takut sikit tue..insyaallah baby ok...esok ada checkup lagi...boringnye menanti signs of labor..hari nie dah naik turun tangga banyak kali...n selalu jalan2 dalam rumah coz panas sangat kat luar tue..tak pasal2 pengsan pulak nnt...alhamdulillah masih tak tinggal puasa lagi, masih dapat bertahan. ok alls, pray for me n my baby ye...oh yeah, for my princess too...kesian dia sejak semalam, batuk, demam n selsema. Payah bebenar nak bagi dia minum ubat. Kena campur dengan susu , itupun dia tak nak minum, di kan selama 3 yrs nie tak pernah minum susu kalau dia bangun. Hanya minum susu bila dia tidur dengan lenanya. Macam mana nak baik kalau tak minum ubat?...hmmm..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

39 weeks preggy

hi alls..

hari nie exactly 39 weeks, n I am still here updating about my pregnancy...when am I going for labor?..Only god knows..Since last night I have been having very mild contractions. But masih berpuasa, rasa sayang sangat nak tinggalkan eventhough tak larat...This is the time I really need n miss my hubby. Just wish he could be here with me right now. But cari rezeki pun penting gak kan..insyaallah he will be here when I am admitted..watever it is Alhamdulillah my parents are here with me to take care of me, when hubby is not able to. 

Today a bit emotional n cranky, maybe coz of the pain n feel so tired n useless coz cant even walk. I feel so damn berat kat lower abdomen. Ya allah, permudahkanlah segala-galanya.  Pagi tadi masa kat bathroom ada banyak keputihan n macam mucus...hmm  

Friday, August 13, 2010

czer scar

hi alls

hari nie dah masuk 3rd ramadhan...alhamdulillah masih berpuasa walaupun selepas buka puasa mesti muntah... semalam until my dad dah bising...cakap jgn puasa..nanti tak larat..coz walaupun muntah, i wont eat anything , balik terawih pun tak makan..makan time sahur je..semalam siap kata tak nak bangunkan time sahur..huhuhu..tapi alhamdulillah hari nie, puasa gak...

But one thing yang really bothers me for the past 2 days is, rasa sakit n pedih kat czer scar..not all the time, but sometimes...masa checkup last monday, doc ada tanya, tp mmg tak sakit time tue...tapi sekarang sakit pulak, quite scared coz i really really want a normal delivery. Dah 3 tahun dah time bersalin my princess tue. Ya allah, permudahkanlah segala-galanya. Frenz pun tolong doakan untuk saya ye...semoga saya dapat bersalin secara normal tanpa sebarang komplikasi n semoga insyaallah anak saya berada dalam keadaan sihat walafiat n cukup sifat2nya. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

2nd ramadhan

hi alls..

assalamualaikum semua, 

hari nie dah 2nd ramadhan. Alhamdulillah masih bertahan puasa walaupun tak larat sikit. Takpe just 4hours to go..insyaallah boleh..semalam buka puasa minum air 3 gelas baru makan..makan kuih samosa 2 n then appam with prawn curry. Memang tak leh nak makan..minum air lagi, n padahnya...terus head to the washroom n muntah. huhuhu...tapi lepas muntah ok ler..masih bertenaga..semalam pergi 2nd terawih  hopefully hari nie sempat 3rd terawih. Semalam masa tengah sembahyang terawih n witir ada rasa contraction..actually start sakit sebelum buka puasa lagi. Adakah itu contraction atau perut masuk angin?...tak tahu ler..ingatkan ok baby nak keluar..tapi after balik rumah n nak tidur hilang terus sakit...hampa betul..

Takpe ler baby bagi mommy peluang untuk berpuasa lagi, so that dont have to ganti puasa banyak-banyak..tapi mommy lagi sanggup ganti puasa banyak2 asalkan baby keluar dengan cepat dan selamat..tak larat nak jalan dah..each steps are really hard n heavy, ppl say walking time nie sangat bagus untuk senang bersalin, tapi, ya allah, tak larat nak jalan, maybe instead of walking, saya sembahyang terawih ok kut?...entahler..watever it jgn overdue ok...but its all in god's hand..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st day puasa as a preggy mom

Hi alls...

Selamat berpuasa semua...Tinggal 5hours+ untuk buka puasa 1st ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, everything is fine till now even though baby kurang bergerak sikit. Bila baby nak keluar?...huhuhu..only Allah s.w.t je yang tahu..malam tadi pergi sembahyang terawih...alhamdulillah...larat nak sembahyang terawih...ingat tak larat...but baby behaved well, tapi si princess lak yang buat hal after sembahyang isyak. Tapi, my sis bawak dia duduk belakang n sembahyang kat sana...ermm...entah berapa puasa n sembahyang terawih yang saya sempat lalui this year..:)..lenguh-lenguh pinggang jugak malam tadi but puas hati coz berjaya sembahyang macam biasa..ingat nak sembahyang duduk kalau tak larat..tapi alhamdulillah till now masih larat nak sembahyang berdiri macam biasa even though perut nie tersangatlah huge...

Sahur pulak..bangun dalam 4.30 am..makan nasi+ curry burung puyuh + air + susu..terlupa pulak nak makan buah kurma...insyaallah sahur esok makan..coz mmg langsung tak makan ubat dah sekarang...coz baby pun dah 3.3kg kalau ikut scan ler...takut nnt by the time delivery lagi besar..Seronok masih sempat berpuasa tahun nie..tapi sedih gak coz 1st time puasa, tak dapat menyediakan makanan bersahur n berbuka untuk suami. Kesian dia n anak buah dia yang pergi bersahur kat luar. Nanti berbuka puasa pun beli gak rasanya coz hubby night flying hari nie...takpe...insyaallah bila saya bersalin nanti boleh ler dia makan makanan rumah for few days even though my mom atau MIL yang masakkan untuk dia..

Ok ler...till the next update

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

checkup @ 38 weeks, 2 days

hi alls...

Today went for checkup @ TMC, first time ever cepat habis...selalunya it takes about 2-3 hours. Alhamdulillah, everything is normal, eventhough the most shocking part is that i gained 2kg in 2 weeks, never in history. hmm...something must be wrong with the weighing scale (punya ler nak menuduh, tak nak mengaku)..but true ler kan, since i have vry poor appetite nowadays...and the good news is alhamdulillah, baby dah engage...syukur sangat-sangat bila doc cakap baby dah more chances of normal delivery. next checkup is next week tuesday. Will i be updating my 39 weeks checkup or update about my delivery?...only god knows...:) nak keluar during ramadhan or before ramadhan?...if b4, just 24hrs left...huhuhu...

Ok ler all...SElaMat BerPUasa...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

38 weeks preggy

hi alls..

semalam exactly 38 weeks preggy. Been searching for natural ways to induce contraction. Hehhe...dah tak larat..n i dunt want to be induced again. usual squatting n walking, which i have been doing almost every single day without fail. Then yesterday saje menggatal pergi 1 utama naik bas (eventhough kena marah dgn hubby). then did lots of walking kat 1 utama. from the new phase till old phase.

Yesterday had a great dinner @ D'Tandoor restaurant @ damansara utama with my family...Actually me n sis planned to give a treat for our dad on father's day. Tapi bila pergi sana it was fully packed then. Yesterday my dad pulak yg belanja us. Had plain naan, garlic naan and keema naan, tandoori chicken onion bhaji and mutton kurma. It was awesome as usual.

Hmmm...kira dah makan semua yang I teringin, did lots of walking n all, done with shoppings for princess and baby in the womb, so...when are you coming baby?..Pls come soon...better still if before ramadhan. Tomorrow ada checkup @ TMC, hopefully baby is engaged, but perut still nampak tinggi. Insyaallah will update after checkup..

Friday, August 6, 2010

pediasure complete

hi alls..

Hari nie pegi beli susu princess..pediasure complete...normally beli 2-3 sekali..n normally beli kat kedai 99 coz thats the cheapest place after I survey kat semua tempat..around rm56.90(harga kat tin rm62.00)..tapi terkejut bila nak beli tadi..harga dia naik...uwaaaaa...they tukar formula baru with new packing...harga sekarang rm66.90(harga kat tin rm70.20)...beli satu je coz terkejut...then pergi cari old stock kat Giza mall, camy babyland. Tinggal 2 je, dengan harga rm57.90. Grab both of it...tapi nanti the next time beli, of coz ler harga baru kan..huhuhu...kalau nak naikkan harga tue, rm1-2 takpe least rm5 pun ok gak...tapi nak dekat rm10 tue yg tahan...hmmm...babies and kids nowadays are sooo damn costly.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

sore throat

hi alls..

I am sooo feeling not good...since last night kena sore throat and nose block..sungguh tak suka..tak leh nak telan makanan..lunch pun amik mushroom soup je..dunno when it gonna be alright. doa for me ye frenz..dah tak larat dah nie...dah ler perut nie size xxxxxxxl n tunggu masa nak burst n tak leh tidur malam...sekarang nie nose block n sore throat turut menyumbang menyebabkan insomnia.

ok alls...till the next update..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

shopping raya

Hi alls...

Semalam shopping lagi dengan my sis kat 1 Utama. Actually shopping raya. My sis kata dia tak larat nak pegi sorang-sorang time puasa nanti. N since panas sangat semalam, tak pergi for evening walk, so walking sambil shopping semalam. Beli baju for my dad n hubby and baju for my lil' one kat womb nie. Beli earings satu kat Poh Kong untuk princess. Itu je shopping semalam. Ingat nak beli untuk my brother, tapi lagi baik bawak dia pergi shopping sekali, lagi senang. Maybe nanti nak pergi metrojaya kat curve, shopping untuk princess tinggal sikit je lagi. Hmmm...banyaknya duit burn..lagi2 time delivery nanti, dunno how much it gonna be, huhuhu.

Ok ler, till next entry.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

visitors day

hi alls...semalam kira macam visitors day pulak...dari pagi sampai malam ade je saudara dtg visit my dad. First cousin dari ss2 datang n then cousin dari puchong pulak. Then MIL n family datang, siap bawa belated birthday present utk princess. After they all balik dah siap mangga pagar luar lagi. Then datang pulak another cousin from cheras. Punya ler terkejut dia bila tahu saya pregnant. She said dia langsung tak tahu. Hehehe..tinggal 20days je lagi...lagi terkejut dia kalau dapat tahu after saya bersalin agaknya. Hari nie pulak ada function kat rumah pak long saya. Tapi macam malas n tak larat je...Its ok..function pun around maghrib. Parents tak boleh follow coz dad has to b at home. My bro has to go back to college. Kalau pergi, me n my sis je ler. Its ok, still got plenty of time to decide. Ok alls, today bz sikit, sesi kemas-mengemas rumah. Nie pun baru balik dari brief walking. Baby, kesiankanlah mommy nie, berjalan pagi n petang just so that u will engage soon. Cepat2ler keluar, I'm sooo tak larat dah...

Ok bye alls.Till the next update.