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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Akar Fatimah a.k.a. Rose of Jericho

Assalamualaikum n hi all...

Been about a week since I updated my blog, not been busy, just that I'm quite lazy to update(hehehe). Anyone knows about akar fatimah?...Well, I don't' know about this till recently my frenz in FB discussing about it. As far as I know, this would only be available in mekah/madinah, known a Kaf Maryam. I have been told that it will trigger contraction for expecting mothers and the process of delivery would be faster after consuming it.

How to consume?...Most of the expecting mothers told me that apparently all you have to do is to soak the plant in water, wait till it it blooms and consume the water. Take out the the plant once it blooms, and heard that it can be reused after u dry it. Hmm... betul ke?..I dunno..

But, REMEMBER, you should only consume the water after you started to feel the pain. I have read an article saying that akar fatimah contains pitocin. Pitocin can induce uterus contraction. Therefore, it is not advisable to consume before the actual contraction begins.

Actually, I hope that I would be able to get it by my delivery, which is another 13 weeks to go, I have asked some frenz help to get for me, but they don't promise. (p/s-sesiapa yg berbesar hati yg nak sedekahkan atau jual kat saya, dialu-alukan, hehehe).

Well, about air selusuh pulak, refer to ummiku sayang's blog or She is really good. just love to read her posts.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Amalan Ibu Mengandung oleh Dato' Ustazah Siti Nor Bahyah Mahamood

Hi all...just wanna share some info tht might be useful for everyone...

Pendidikan anak-anak bermula dari 3 peringkat

  1. Sebelum Mengandung
  2. Semasa Mengandung
  3. Selepas Mengandung

Sebelum Mengandung

  • Sebelum mengandung, wajib berkahwin. Sebelum berkahwin, pastikan bakal pasangan yang akan dikahwini mempunyai latarbelakang agama yang baik.
  • Sentiasa berdoa kepada Allah s.w.t. supaya sentiasa dijauhkan daripada godaan syaitan dan dikurniakan zuriat yang baik.

Semasa Mengandung

Amalan suami dan isteri semasa isteri mengandung:-

  • Sentiasa bertaubat dan beristighfar kepada Allah s.w.t.
  • Banyak berdoa kepada Allah s.w.t.
  • Rajin puasa sunat (digalakkan suami berpuasa sunat)
  • Rajin solat wajib dan perbanyakkan solat sunat
  • Banyakkan berzikir
  • Banyakkan membaca Al-Quran
  • Banyakkan baca buku ilmiah (i.e. kisah-kisah nabi, kisah-kisah para sahabat dll)
  • Berbual-bual dengan anak yang berada dalam kandungan
  • lakukan kerja-kerja ringan di rumah sebagai senaman untuk permudahkan proses kelahiran.
  • Tidak terlalu tertekan atau stres.
  • Menjaga adab dan emosi terhadap suami/isteri
  • Makan makanan yang baik (i.e. makanan dpd bahan-bahan yang halal dan dari sumber pendapatan yang halal)
  • Jauhi daripada sifat dendam dan dengki
  • Rajin mengukirkan senyuman
  • Rajin menghadiri majlis-majlis ilmu.

Perkara-Perkara yang perlu dielakkan oleh suami/isteri ketika isteri mengandung:-

  • Elakkan mengidam makanan yang tidak baik
  • Elakkan makan dam minum makanan yang haram
  • Elakkan makanan yang berbisa (i.e. ikan semilang, ikan pari, nenas, tapai dll)
  • Suami harus elakkan daripada melakukan perkara yang menyedihkan atau merungsingkan isteri.
  • Elakkan penampilan yang tidak menarik di depan suami.
  • Elakkan maksiat dan kemungkaran terhadap Allah s.w.t.
  • Jauhi pertuturan yang negatif
  • Jauhi membuka aurat
  • Jauhi amalan khurafat

Amalan bacaan surah semasa ibu mengandung:

  • Baca surah Al Fatihah ( untuk terang hati dan kuat ingatan)
  • Surah Maryam (untuk memudahkan ibu bersalin dan anak yang sabar dan taat.)
  • Surah Luqman (untuk memperoleh anak yang cerdik akal dan cerdik jiwa)
  • Surah Yusuf ( untuk memperolek anak yang cantik rupa dan cantik akhlak)
  • Surah Hujurat (untuk memperoleh susu ibu yang banyak dan anak yang bersifat berhati-hati)
  • Surah Yaasin (untuk ketenangan hati dan anak tidak terpengaruh dengan godaan syaitan yang mengajak kepada maksiat)
  • Surah At-Taubah (untuk membersih jiwa dan tidak terlibat dalam maksiat)
  • Surah an-Nahl (untuk melahirkan anak yang berdisplin)

Selepas Melahirkan

Amalan suami/isteri selepas melahirkan anak

  • Bersyukur kepada Allah s.w.t. atas zuriat yang dikurniakan dan war-warkan kepada sanak-saudara, rakan-handalan dan jiran-tetangga.
  • Azan di telinga kanan dan iqamah di telinga kiri bayi.
  • Mendoakan dan membaca surah-surah tertentu
  • Ibu hendaklah menyusukan anak semenjak anak dilahirkan.
  • Mentahniqkan anak ( kunyah, buah kurma dan digosokkan ke atas lelangit anak, sebaiknya dilakukan oleh seseorang yang soleh)
  • Menamakan anak dengan nama yang baik-baik
  • Mencukur rambut bayi
  • Melakukan akikah
  • Melakukan khitan/khatan
  • Mendidik anak untuk beriman, beramal soleh dan berakhlak soleh.

That's all for now dears,....insyaallah will update soon...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

25 weeks preggy

hi all!!...

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant. Alhamdulillah no more morning sickness bugging me though i feel cranky at times. Suddenly since past 2 weeks I feel like consuming something sweet je...Cakes n chocolates keeps on popping on my mind. Its quite unsafe for preggers to always consume sweet foods. This is the time all kind of penyakit will come...I still remember during my first pregnancy (my princess fazlina), I love to eat masin-masin. All the way from early pregnancy till week 35, BP ok jer, but then masa 36 weeks, BP naik pulak and last had to induce when I was 38 wks. (God, hopefully this time everything would b normal, frenz, pray for me kay). Back to the story, somehow those sweet cravings can chase stress and worries away..:)

Last sunday went to check up kat Klinik Kesihatan Bukit Tunggal...hmm HB is low again,so stressed..when i was 18 wks, hb low but managed to naikkan after 1-2 weeks, then ok je, now here it goes again...but otherwise everything ok. Had injection too, was told tht 2nd pregnancy only 1 injection je (I think its ATT-Anti Tetanus Toxoid, forgot to ask the nurse wat injection was I given)...hehehe...

Next check up will be on 26/ will be nearly 28 weeks by then, had to take MOGTT again...This would be my second time taking this test. First time @ 20 wks, fasting blood sugar level was 4.4( normal range is 4.3-6.3) and the 2 hr post-prandial sugar level was 7.1 (normal range is 4.4-7.8)..Alhamdulillah, hopefully next MOGTT test would be normal too. The reason they ask me to take MOGTT test is coz my dad has diabetes.

Oh yes!! Me n hubby are so eager and elated to know the baby's sex. unlike ome parents who opt for surprise. We are not,...ok ok..actually I am not..hehehe...So far still am not sure abt our baby's sex...When sacnned @ klinik kesihatan, I was told maybe a girl, but that was when i was 18 weeks preggy. Meanwhile @ Tropicana Medical Centre, Kota Damansara, scanned @ 23 weeks, My doc, DR. Noor Fidak told me looks like a boy, but she cant confirm. Hmm...watever it is, hopefully my baby would be a normal and healthy little one. But, I still wanna know..hehehe...teringin nak shopping...

My weight is also an issue here, even though from last month, I have only gained abt 1.5 kg, but I look soooo damn fat n bloated. My stomach, gosh, people might be thinking i'm carrying twins. I dunno how on earth I'm gonna shed all those fats away after my delivery. I really hope I can shed abt 10kgs during my confinement(am I asking for too much?..hehehe). Even worst, just 3 months after my delivery, my brother in law is getting married...huhuhu...How to look pretty n slim @ his wedding..argh...stress...Hubby, hubby, if u come across my blog, do consider to save some money for ur better half for her slimming theraphy ok?, PLSSSS... My face pulak....god, this is the worst part ler,...I am not enjoying the glow of pregnancy, all..pimples keeps on popping up like nobody's business...early pregnancy lagi teruk, now at least it has slow down...

ok guys, thats all for now...rasa penat pulak...will update more when I have the time (Actually, I have alot of free time coz my princess is with my mom @KL now, but malas ler)..hehehe

Monday, May 10, 2010

Intro abt me n family

Hi, I am a homemaker with a lovely hubby (Mr. Harun), a princess (gonna b 3yrs) and a baby who is still in my womb..:)..(25 weeks preggy)..hehehe.

Ours was an arranged marriage...(i know mesti ramai terkejut, yup...dears, an ARRANGED MARRIAGE)...well..thts normal in a typical indian muslim family..Alhamdulillah, we r happy being together...maybe restu both our families...

Hubby is working in Kuala Terengganu(actually baru 5 months pindah sini coz his company open up a branch kat sini, so been transferred here). Before this been staying kat Kota Bharu since we were married. I can't belive tht I am saying this, but I realy, really miss KB (its 1000 times better than trgnu ). The only thing tht I like abt trgnu is that it takes only 5-6 hrs to KL compared to KB which sometimes takes abt 9 hrs to get back to KL. Yup...we will b going to KL every once or twice in a month, so tht really matters...

Y are we going to KL every once or twice in a month?...coz, both our parents are staying in KL. They really miss my princess, so we'll get back to KL to lepaskan rindu...Mine in Kota Damansara n Hubby's in Klang. We always have g8 time kat KL with our families.....

Well, abt family, I am the eldest, with a sister n a brother. My princess is the first grandchild for my parents, so she is being pampered to the max. Now, my princess kat KD with my parents coz I tak larat nk jaga dia kat trgnu. End of this month, I pun akan settle kat KD till my confinement..Am I happy?(actually mixed feelings, pity hubby who has to b without us, n happy coz I could b with my family, back to kl, get to eat watever i want and etc..)

Kay, abt my hubby pulak, he has an elder sister n brother n a younger brother. Everyone staying in Klang except my elder BIL and his family. Actually my FIL, MIL n younger BIL staying in a different house n my SIL's house is just next 2 doors from ours. Best kan?

Ok ler...thts all for now...insyaallah will update abt my pregnancy lain kali...

A beginner

Assalamualaikum and welcome to all visitors!!!

Hi all..This is the first time I am writing a blog. I enjoy reading other's blog. Many, many bloggers inspired me to come up with my own, here I am. I feel like writing merely because my life is too precious, not to leave any track, I have decided to share a lot of things awaiting for me ahead. May this new blog is the beginning for everything.