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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

shopping raya

Hi alls..


Yesterday since my sister took off, we went for raya shopping for my both prince n princess. Tak larat ler nak shopping time puasa, so we started shopping yesterday, bought some shirts n pants for the little one. For my daughter, a gown n pants only since she was moody yesterday. She wanted 'princess' gown for her birthday n had been nagging the whole day. She don't like what ever we showed her. She wants a pink gown. Hmmm maybe today will bring her for shopping again. At last when we r back home, she complained to my dad that we bought everything for her brother n didn't buy anything for her. Susahnya budak2 zaman sekarang nie...Last time during our era, tak pernah me n my siblings macam nie..ikut je apa our parents belikan, but nowadays semua they choose..hmmm..are we pampering them too much?..hmmm...ok bye alls..